An introductory meeting is offered without obligation or cost.  After our initial consultation and before work begins on your  retirement plan foundation, we set our terms of engagement together and execute an advisory agreement along with a one-third payment.  Compensation for the initial retirement-income projections, which set the foundation of our long-term planning process, is offered for a flat fee of $775.

Upon completion, terms of an on-going working relationship are determined by considering assets brought under management, client net-worth and complexity of future anticipated planning needs. An annual planning advisory agreement is executed each year after the initial agreement and upon mutually agreed terms.

You are welcome to explore My Financial Bridge and to utilize the resource for a trial. We reserve the right to delete any file uploaded to the site deemed to be inappropriate or unsafe. In the event that an advisory agreement is not executed in a timely manner by you, we reserve the right to terminate a user’s login credentials.

After you’ve created a personal My Financial Bridge login, you are free to contact us and we will reach out to you via email to initiate an initial communication for discussion of your financial goals and aspirations.  After an initial period of becoming acquainted and determining whether or not we would be well suited to working together, you will be asked to execute an advisory agreement with the terms and scope of our engagement together.

A sample advisory agreement can be provided to you upon request as well as forms ADV Part II and ADV Part II B.