Our Perspective

Our perspective segments My Financial Bridge into three spans signifying the progression of your life and lifestyle.

Early in life after completing our formal education, we enter a period of short-term SAVING…saving for a honeymoon, new car, first house or just a little cash reserve. With new responsibilities and new ownership, our focus in this span is more about guarding against risks and considering goals of a lifestyle we’d like to create.

INVESTING is the middle and longest span across the Bridge. Here we’re implementing and adjusting goals. We have immediate financial needs such as upgrading home furnishings and household improvements or perhaps planning a special family vacation to Disney or a tropical island. We balance this with long-term goals such as educating our children, paying for a daughter’s wedding or even buying a second home. These plans are all executed on top of accumulating financial assets in order for us to provide life-time income after we stop earning a paycheck.

SPENDING is the third span of your Bridge. Here you’ve reached a point where the paycheck has become optional. Your investments are now needed to generate a lifestyle sustaining income. You may spend more on travel than before and perhaps you’re discovering the blessings of grandchildren. You want to make sure you can meet all your financial and healthcare needs and are also contemplating how you’ll leave your legacy to family and charity.

By breaking the progress of your life into these thirds, the organization of My Financial Bridge helps bring perspective on how you may choose to allocate your financial resources, execute your short and long-term planning decisions and make sound financial choices.