Starting Your Plan

Start your plan by establishing a login profile on From the Bridge Dashboard, click Consultation and select the Initial Consultation Packet link. As you will see, there is certain information we’ll need to collect in order to begin to build your base retirement plan but we do not need to gather personal information such as account numbers or tax ID’s. Follow the steps in the Initial Consultation Packet and you’re well on your way.

As you inventory the materials necessary, we will contact you to arrange an initial call for us to become acquainted, get to ask a few questions of one another and determine if working together is a good fit. If we agree to proceed, we can move into learning more about your current situation or schedule another time to talk further.

After the initial phone interview, some would-be bridge builders feel they’d rather be general contractors and turn the construction over to us. After mailing the records identified as needed into our office, we can complete the Questionnaire Vignettes™ and fill in your Bridge for you.

This initial step enables us to establish your first Goal-Planning-and-Monitoring scenario which sets the foundation of our financial planning process and our working relationship together.