Why Use It

We created the process called My Financial Bridge developed from over 20 years of listening to and working with hundreds of Americans in and approaching retirement.

If you’re like most people, you have financial concerns that range from preserving assets to investing your retirement accounts, or balancing between sustaining your life-style while allocating assets for healthcare or legacy.

That’s a lot to think about and plan for all at once and gathering the information and answering questions needed to make well informed decisions can be tedious. Let’s face it; living life is a lot more fun than planning it but that doesn’t remove the need to be prepared.

My Financial Bridge is designed in a well-organized, chronological manner that explores the events we face over a lifetime. No matter what point you’ve reached on your journey across the bridge, you can always review what you’ve done to make certain your financial foundation is strong, assess your current position and look ahead to the opportunities and challenges you’ll face.

By reviewing the various Guide Points™ along the Bridge, you can examine whether or not you’re moving forward and implementing the most appropriate financial choices for your situation as well as storing important information and records you’ll likely need to find later…all handy in one easy to retrieve location.

Another special feature of My Financial Bridge is that it enables you to keep a journal of memories, photos and videos of all the special events and people you experience along your journey across the Bridge. Financial assets are accumulated to enjoy and experience life so it seems fitting to recognize where and how we choose to spend and share our resources…values we can pass along and can keep as a family legacy.

My Financial Bridge serves as a visual metaphor of your financial plan and the financial choices you need to consider and implement in order to successfully manage and maintain your lifestyle. The visual also serves as a long-term agenda for the review of your financial plan and storage point for you and other important advocates to retrieve and evaluate your important financial information.